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This correct test is dependent on the circumstances and what type of evidence is required. If you are not sure and need to prove complete drug abstinence for most commonly abused drugs over the past 6 months then a hair sample, of 6 cm minimum length, should be tested for all the routine drugs listed.

Additionally a urine or oral fluid test can be requested to ensure there hasn’t been a recent relapse.

If less than 6 cm of hair is available, the hair test should be carried out monthly to cover the desired period and urine or oral fluid test carried out with the last hair test.

If there is a good and reliable drug use history available then the drugs tested can be more selective. It is however common for a drug user to use different drugs or combination of drugs.

Drug use declarations may be deliberately or inadvertently inaccurate. It is therefore advisable to select the declared drug or drugs and add the other most commonly abused drugs. Currently the commonly abused drugs are Amphetamine, Opiates, Cocaine, Cannabis and Ecstasy.

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