FTS Joins Forces with Forensic Access Group

On the 24th October 2023, Forensic Testing Service (FTS) joined forces with the Forensic Access group of companies.

This venture marks a very positive milestone for FTS, and further solidifies our position as an innovator and advocate of best practice in the drug and alcohol testing industry in the UK. Paul Hunter continues in his role as Technical Director of FTS and remains heavily committed to working with our customers and driving our mission to improve the quality of evidence for the Family Court to help protect children at risk.

This is an exciting time for FTS and a venture that will benefit our customers over the coming months as we build our service provision through partnership with renowned providers of specialist forensic services. We will soon update you on the wider portfolio of services FTS can offer, as well as building strong national coverage and industry leading levels of service.

For your information, the six specialist companies that now make up the Forensic Access Group include:

Forensic Testing Service

Analytical Services International (ASI Ltd), a strong and respected forensic laboratory headed by Professor Athol Johnson providing forensic toxicology services for coroners, police, civil cases and defence solicitors and clinical trial toxicity studies.

Alecto, who specialise in physical forensics services; archaeology, anthropology and ecological forensics, along with external training capabilities.

IntaForensics, provide digital forensics provision for the police. Cyber security, incident response, training, penetration testing. Case management software (forensics).

Faraday, providing digital forensics; computer and mobile forensics.

Forensic Access, who specialise in Wet forensic services “’Trace’ or ‘wet’ forensics for the police. Testing to identify or match material found at a scene of crime or associated with an individual (DNA) Firearms & ballistics, fingerprint enhancement, histopathology. Legal; defence expert witness case management.