FTS Coronavirus Update

As concerns related to the spread of Coronavirus / Covid 19 and the potential implication for businesses and their customers should infection levels increase significantly over the coming weeks and months, we wanted to update our clients on the steps that Forensic Testing Service Ltd. are taking to protect our staff and customers from the risk of infection and maintain service continuity should we be impacted by the disease.

Having reviewed Government advice Forensic Testing Service Ltd. have put in place a number of measures to minimise the risk and impact to our staff and customers.

  • We have stopped all international business travel for our staff.
  • We have provided staff with information on reducing the risk of infection such as handwashing etc. and reviewed and updated our internal cleaning and housekeeping practices.
  • We have asked our staff to notify us of any recent or planned international travel, or if they have been in contact with anyone suspected of being infected by Covid 19.
  • We are trying to avoid scheduling collections with clients in higher risk areas such as GP surgeries and medical centres when an alternative venue can be found.
  • We routinely maintain good stock levels on site but are working with our suppliers to minimise any disruption to our laboratory supplies.

In order to reduce the spread of the virus within our business we have provided our staff with NHS information to allow them to spot the early signs of infection by Corona Virus / Covid 19. If any staff believe that they have contracted the disease or have been exposed to an infected person they have been instructed to seek medical advice and self-isolate from the work environment until they do not present any risk of infection to their colleagues.

Although we have not experienced any problems or disruption so far, our business continuity plan is being reviewed and we have systems in place to allow home working where appropriate.

We will continue to update you as the situation evolves, but hope this update gives you some reassurance that Forensic Testing Service Ltd are taking all necessary steps to ensure continuity of our service.

If you have any concerns or require more information, please contact us directly.

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