We understand the challenges our customers face when working within the 26 week timeframe for PLOs. When utilising FTS for your drug/alcohol testing requirements you are not only working to best practice standards, you can also be assured of a quick, efficient service. Working with FTS you will reduce the requirement for re-testing, eliminate delays in sample collection & reporting and receive expert forensic support throughout. Our testing is rigorous and is designed specifically for use in child protection and the family court.


Fast & reliable turnaround of sample collection and expert reports

  • Our team of Forensic Investigation Officers attend appointments anywhere in the UK within 2-3 working days of receiving the instruction.
  • We operate a network of mobile clinics, allowing us to effectively collect samples at a location convenient for the client.
  • Our standard turnaround time for reports is 8 working days from sample receipt, but we will expedite results wherever possible to assist in meeting deadlines.


The right result, the first time

  • We have a team of people available to discuss the details of every case prior to instruction, ensuring the final report answers all of the questions relevant to the case and saving time after the report is issued.
  • We often receive challenges to drug tests carried out by other testing companies because the results do not appear to be conclusive. This takes time and can severely impact PLO deadlines.
  • We are asked to test B samples or review reports from other labs. In fact, in most cases, the results that come from different UKAS laboratories are largely the same. The problem comes with how the results are interpreted.
  • The use of cut off levels in reporting results can provide misleading findings. This is why FTS are the only laboratory that do not use these levels.
  • Every test that we carry out is subject to a detailed forensic investigation, taking in to account all findings – natural hair colour, ethnicity, hair treatments etc and ultimately providing results that meet the required burden of proof for the family court.
  • We provide comprehensive post report support to help with interpretation and to ensure there is a clear understanding of the findings.


Collection of multiple samples at first appointment.

  • Often, if scalp hair is unavailable or compromised by dye or other treatments, there can be a delay in getting to the right result.
  • FTS collect all available samples at the first appointment – scalp hair, body hair, nails, blood and urine.
  • This allows us to swiftly move on to testing other samples if the scalp hair is not of sufficient quality and avoids delays in terms of going back to collect further samples.


Notification of additional compounds

  • We will advise if we find any additional compounds in a sample at no extra charge.
  • This is the equivalent of 21 drug panel without the associated cost.
  • This allows you to deal with the full and frank profile of drug use right from the beginning of the process, avoiding the need for re-testing or risking missing the true drugs of choice.
  • Then notification of additional compounds means that you are working with your client with ‘full disclosure’, leading to better levels of trust and ultimately better outcomes.

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