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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Service Update

Obtaining Evidence for Drug and Alcohol Misuse - COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: 08/04/2020 - Introduction of new mobile collection serviceFTS continue to provide sample collections during the current COVID-19 pandemic Because the child's safety is paramount; where there is a likely risk substance misuse could... Read more

admin, Wed Mar 03 2020

FTS Coronavirus Update

As concerns related to the spread of Coronavirus / Covid 19 and the potential implication for businesses and their customers should infection levels increase significantly over the coming weeks and months, we wanted to update our clients on the steps that Forensic Testing Service Ltd. are taking to protect our... Read more

Mark Burns, Fri Mar 03 2020

The UK is the only country in western Europe except Finland where liver disease has increased

In the last three decades Jackie Ballard, chief executive of Alcohol Concern, warned that “the UK is in danger of losing the battle against liver disease, which goes against the trend in much of the rest of Europe where many of our neighbours are actually making progress.... Read more

Mark Burns, Mon Dec 12 2014

Foetal alcohol syndrome

The number of diagnosed cases of foetal alcohol syndrome in those born to women who drink during pregnancy has tripled since records of the debilitating condition were first kept 16 years ago. In 2012-2013 there were 252 diagnoses of the syndrome, which can leave victims severely mentally and physically impaired... Read more

admin, Thu Jul 07 2014

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