Model of Best Practice

In order to ensure you have clear and reliable evidence on drug and alcohol use to meet your timescale for court, we have designed a process, which we believe is the most effective solution.

There are several ways in which you can instruct or request a quote from FTS:

However during the initial period of your company using our service we feel it is important for us to work closely with you whilst you become familiar with our procedures and we understand yours.

1. Telephone our Expert Support Team on 0845 519 6472 request a callback or email telling us that you wish to make an instruction or request a quote. If not immediately available they will return your call promptly.

2. Our Expert Support Team will complete the Questionnaire for you whilst you are on the telephone, typically, we would expect you to provide the following information:

  • Client Name, Date of Birth, address, gender, telephone number.
  • Testing Requirements (Drugs/Alcohol etc.) or copy of the Court Order (if available)
  • Case Reference
  • Sharing parties/Co-Funders (if applicable)
  • Filing Date (if available) or the date you require the report
  • Court Date (if available)

3. On receipt of your referral FTS will send you our response outlining what we understand your requirements for the investigation to be and the costs of these tests.

You can accept the quotation by simple email response, If changes are required you can discuss this further by contacting our Expert Support Team.

4.Once accepted, the process will commence and the Forensic Investigation Officer will contact your client directly or if preferred a sample collection can be arranged through yourselves.

5.You will be notified when each of the following have occurred:

  • Appointment has been arranged
  • Sample has been collected or your client has failed to attend
  • Sample has arrived in the Laboratory and whether there is sufficient sample for us to carry out your instruction.Where there is insufficient sample, alternative testing options will be recommended and agreed.

6.Finally, you will receive the Expert Report along with a copy of the Client Questionnaire and an invoice for our services.

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