Model of Best Practice:

Instruct FTS or request testing

Instruct an Expert – This process is designed for the legal process, complete the short questionnaire about your case, then, you will receive a quote for your records plus the bespoke Part 25 and Court order wording required to ensure the necessary investigation will be undertaken in your case.

In addition, you will receive a bespoke Confirmation of Instruction form part completed, FTS will await your return of the completed confirmation of instruction form before the sample collection/investigation process is initiated.

Request a Quote - If you request a quote, then, the minimum information will be requested at this time, FTS will send you our response outlining what we have determined the necessary requirements for our investigation to be and the maximum cost of the investigation.

FTS will await your confirmation to proceed by return of email, before the sample collection/investigation process is initiated.

Quick Contact

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