The Forensic Testing Service - Serving the Family Law Market

The FTS teams are committed to improving the customer experience making the whole process from instruction to reports simple and robust.

The FTS mission is to provide the clearest and strongest evidence possible in the shortest timescale with the minimum of fuss.

FTS offer a comprehensive range of services to deliver a high quality end to end solution for the legal services.

These include the following:

Advice and guidance

FTS will advise at the initial instruction stage on the appropriate selection of the testing profile, we provide a full range of testing for drugs and alcohol use markers with the option for bespoke profiles if and as required, our aim is simply to help answer the questions the court has first time helping speed up the process reduce costs and any unnecessary burden on the Legal Aid budget.

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No prior authority required

Delays are often caused due to waiting for the LAA authority and the process of arranging the collection with the donor, FTS remove this burden of delaying the results by arranging and indeed if necessary completing the collection whilst your Family Law Team are seeking the authority from the LAA.

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No cost incurred until your confirmation to test is received

FTS will store the sample in our laboratory awaiting your confirmation to test, if the LAA authority is not forthcoming then there will be no cost to you.

FTS employ our own dedicated collectors

Unlike other providers our collectors are employed by us, FTS collectors manage the whole process - arranging appointments at your offices, the clients’ home or suitable venue - collecting hair, blood or urine samples.

Chain of custody

Fully trained FTS collectors ensure the chain of custody protocol and diligent collection of all relevant medication, illicit drug and alcohol use history; an extremely important component of results interpretation and reporting.

The most comprehensive client questionnaire in the industry

This extra information FTS gather from the donor enables us to interpret the results and put them in context, this is essential to answering the questions that you are trying to answer by fully understanding the results.

Faster turn round of reports

FTS provide a clearer, easy to understand report to suit you and the courts requirements within 10 days from sample collection, FTS aim to meet your deadlines i.e. filing and court dates.

Experts Reports/Court attendance

FTS Experts provide structured and detailed Expert Witness Reports from a combination of toxicology and medical experts, they include a front page summary, detailed results interpretation and include both professional and future testing recommendations. Our Expert Witnesses are available to attend court to explain the testing procedure, their interpretation of results and the chain of custody as required.

More flexible invoicing

Whether it be split invoicing to multiple parties, consolidated invoicing and flexible payment terms to accommodate Legal Aid reimbursement, FTS will bespoke our service to your needs.

Our admin

Simpler and more efficient administration processes, automatically diarising repeat testing and a lot more. FTS admin will keep you notified of the progress throughout the process enabling you to manage the case without any unforeseen delays.

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