Experts reports

FTS reports are clear and provide an opinion based on our expertise and experience to assist the court in answering the important question:

"whether substance misuse could of compromised the ability of a parent or guardian to provide a safe environment for a child".

Our opinion covers what all the results mean in context with all potential factors that have influenced the test results, this is designed to avoid the risk of an inconclusive or misleading outcome.

If this is not possible, then FTS provide a comprehensive recommendation for the most appropriate following test profile and schedule to ensure an objective decision can be made on whether substance misuse is or isn’t a factor in the case.

Request a sample of an anonymised report

FTS Experts provide structured and detailed Expert Witness Reports from a combination of toxicology and medical experts:

  • they include a front page summary
  • detailed results interpretation
  • professional recommendations
  • further testing recommendations

Faster turn round of reports

FTS provide a clear and easy to understand report to suit your/the courts requirements within 12 days from sample collection, FTS aim to meet your deadlines i.e. filing and court dates.

Court attendance

Our Expert Witnesses are available to attend court to explain the testing procedure, their interpretation of results and the chain of custody as required.

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