Dedicated Sample Collection Officers

FTS employ our own dedicated collectors

Unlike other providers our collectors are employed and fully trained by us, FTS collectors manage the whole process - arranging appointments directly with the client and chasing up as necessary to ensure the speediest sample collection possible, arranging appointments at your offices, the clients’ home or suitable venue - collecting hair, blood or urine samples.

This provides assurance of sample quality and control of the sample collection, preparation and shipment ensuring that FTS provide consistently excellent sampling quality, good donor experience and reliable service delivery.

Chain of custody

Fully trained FTS collectors ensure the chain of custody protocol and diligent collection of all relevant medication, illicit drug and alcohol use history; an extremely important component of results interpretation and reporting. FTS collectors ensure sample authenticity by taking a digital photograph of the sample donor and proof of identity for inclusion in the reports.

The most comprehensive client questionnaire in the industry

This extra information FTS collectors gather from the donor enables us to interpret the results and put them in context, this is essential to answering the questions that you are trying to answer by fully understanding the results.

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