Clear evidence - expertly delivered

Results are generally provided in a full expert report meeting all court expert requirements, they can also if requested, be delivered as a simple result certificate although for most cases we would advise against this.

FTS provide a clearer, easy to understand report to suit you and the courts requirements within 10 days from sample collection, FTS aim to meet your deadlines i.e. filing and court dates.

Our reports

Our reports include the following:

A front page summary, an overall conclusion, detailed results interpretation, details of sample collection and transportation, all relevant medical history, drug and alcohol misuse history, all issues and contextual information such as hair treatments etc. that may affect the results, professional recommendations, future testing recommendations, our expert's background and suitability.

FTS reports are prepared using the combined skills of experts in Toxicology, Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry and the Medical field to ensure the results interpretation is thorough.

Our Experts are available to discuss each case to provide advice and guidance.

Our Experts are available to attend court to explain the testing procedure, their interpretation of results and the chain of custody as required.

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